Fiber Reinforced Polymers - FRP

The use of composite materials is widespread and they are used within the consolidation and seismic strengthening of existing structures. An innovating reinforcing strategy, developed in recent years, consists, as a matter of fact, in the use of fibre reinforced polymers, made up of highly resistant fibres (glass, aramid, coal) and by a polymer matrix, commonly called FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymers).

The use of such technique, in seismic areas, allows to improve the structural behaviour of existing buildings with great effectiveness: the high ratio resistance/weight, for the structures undergoing seismic actions, is fundamental. The adequate prorating, moreover, of layers and shape of the composite material allow remarkable increase as to resistance and ductility.

For interventions on historical walls, the use of such innovating techniques is particularly interesting. Domes, subject to earthquakes, receive a very effective protection, if plated with composite materials. Collapse mechanisms may be hindered with the result of cutting down the intrinsic vulnerability of these structural elements.

The modest invasiveness as well as the use of special polymer matrices allow to obtain reversible interventions, in compliance with restoration theories and techniques.

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