Milan | Aires Ingegneria is assigned for the Seismic Assessment of Pirelli Building


Aires Ingegneria, leader of the group formed with the engineering companies FED - Future Environmental Design and SPS, has been awarded the prestigious task of verifying seismic vulnerability and 3D laser scanner survey with BIM structural modeling and with subsequent identification of any seismic improvement/adaptation interventions of the PalazzoPirelli in Milan.

The cooperation that began some time ago between the companies has made it possible to achieve another important result, making use of their respective specialist skills in the sectors of seismic engineering and BIM modelling.

Born as the headquarters of the Pirelli company, the building currently houses some offices of the Lombardy Region and represents one of the main symbols of the city.
Built in the 1960s, with its 130 meters of height it still represents one of the tallest skyscrapers in Italy and is considered a masterpiece of imposing, light and rational architecture.
With Pirellone the architect. Giò Ponti designs a "European" skyscraper, outside the American mold. The high slenderness and the difficult relationship between width and height, which made the building exposed to the action of the winds, was resolved with extremely brilliant engineering by the engineer. Pier Luigi Nervi. Considered a masterpiece of architecture and engineering, the Pirelli Skyscraper is also a testimony to rebirth, resilience and modernity.

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