Innovative techniques and procedures for seismic retrofit of existing buildings


Seismic retrofit with base isolation system

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Consolidation Engineering for Cultural Heritage

Heritage Site Pompeii

Technical Secretariat, Maior Project Pompeii

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Seismic risk assesment of Critical Infrastructure


Vulnerability assessment “Italian Army Headquarters”

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Engineering for improving Resilience to Sismic Risk


Seismic Vulnerability at urban scale and pilot projects.

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Who we are

AIRES INGEGNERIA srl is a leading Italian Engineering Firm specialized in the development of projects and consulting services in the field of Structural and Seismic Engineering and Vulnerability Assessment of existing buildings. Originally founded in 2008 as a professional association, it is based in Caserta and nowadays carries out its activities on a worldwide base.


AIRES INGEGNERIA srl offers engineering services in the whole range of technical activities required for the construction and the preservation of widely ranging public and private works, highly specialized in the field of Structural and Seismic Engineering

Seismic Vulnerability Assessment

Advanced methodologies and state-of-art tools , for the accurate assessment of built environment.

Seismic protection by innovative technologies

Application and development of innovative techniques for the seismic protection of existing and new buildings.

Consolidation and structural safety of cultural heritage

A possible solution thanks to an in-depth knowledge of historical architectural issues, including ancient materials and techniques.

Design of special structures

Aluminum alloy geodetic domes, carbon fiber materials, seismic isolation, energy dissipation…and much more.


Renovation works for Carducci College Pisa

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Renovation works for Carducci College


Renovation, upgrading and improvement work for Carducci College. The intervention designed by Aires Ingegneria - leader f Joint Venture - is aimed in an organic way both at the seismic upgrading, and at a complete modernization of the building with architectural, distributive, functional, acoustic also finalized to achieve a “nearly zero energy building "(NZeb).


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