Technical Secretariat, Maior Project Pompeii

Heritage Site Pompeii

Technical Secretariat, Maior Project Pompeii

Technical Secretariat for the implementation of the Major Project Pompeii

Aires Ingegneria, in the person of Engr. Pasquale Crisci as a member of the Technical Secretariat, has taken part to the implementation of the Major Project Pompeii, a great project of collective commitment of different institutions and people to set about solving the serious problem of preservation of one of the most important archaeological sites in the world.

As part of the work of the Technical Secretariat of the Great Pompeii Project, numerous problems have been managed, such as for example problems due to: the geological and hydrogeological instability; the structural failures; the collapse of pieces of walls; the deterioration of the plaster, whether or not decorated; the decay of the upper part of the walls.

All of these problems have been faced with specific projects which involve the structural consolidation, the restoration of both the architectural elements and frescoes, as well as safety. These various projects, as soon as they will be completed, will guarantee security levels compatible with a long-term preservation of all parts of the archaeological site.

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