Reconstruction of the "Swat Museum" Archaeological Museum in Pakistan

Saidu Sharif, Swat District - Pakistan

Reconstruction with extension of the "Swat Museum" Archaeological Museum in Saidu Sharif, Pakistan

The Swat Archaeological Museum's compound is located at the centre of the rich archaeological territory of Malakand Division, on the main road Mingora-Saidu Sharif. The compound consists of the Museum's building and other buildings (offices, guesthouse etc.).

In the 2005 the Museum's structure was undermined by the earthquake that hit the entire north Pakistan and besides in the 2008 the same structure was seriously damaged by an explosion on the road, just in front of entrance Museum, so it was closed.
In March 2011, reconstruction and rehabilitation of the Museum was undertaken within the purview of "Archaeology-Community-Tourism" (ACT) Field School's Project.
The master plan of the museum was developed by archaeologists Ivano Marati and Candida Vassallo.

A steel structure was designed, made of beam and pillars prefabricated in workshops, and encased between two layer of cement blocks.

The foundations are realized with reinforced concrete plinths interconnected by r.c. beams. A concrete protective plinths was placed around the edifice, to avoid any water seepage in the foundations. Considering the local resources in terms of materials and a paucity of qualified workers, this structure was considered a good innovative earthquake resistant structure. This technology was selected in order to reduce the time of execution and monitoring on site.
In fact several structural elements have been prefabricated in workshop, this have insured adequate quality in materials and execution, mostly monitored and controlled in the workshop.

In the structural design, particular attention was given to local seismic hazard. "This is the first ever museum in the country to have a seismic resistant building and has been constructed with state-of-the-art methods while ensuring quality work," Professor Qaisar Ali of the Civil Engineering University of the Peshawar University told "The Express Tribune".

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